Letters to the Editor

Better ways to get cash for development, tourney

These commercial development companies seeking tax incentives are looking for people like state Sen. Clementa Pinckney of Ridgeland.

They need a person who can legislate your money away so they don't -- or won't -- use their own money. Why not ask the principals of these development companies to dig into their own personal bank accounts for these funds? They'll profit with or without these tax incentives, and we the taxpayers won't be burdened by these parasites. Their promises of jobs can be seen at any mall. Almost all are part-timers, earning minimum wage with very few, if any, benefits. That's not an incentive by any means.

As for the Heritage golf tournament, tax those interested in the event and the game -- a golfers' tax. Tax every round of golf on courses open to the public throughout the state. Increase Heritage ticket prices and eliminate any free passes to the event. Tax an additional 1 percent on all vending items -- food, drinks, etc. -- at the tournament. This additional 1 percent, the "Heritage tax," can be used to help support the event. Those interested in the Heritage, golfers and tournament attendees should be the ones paying for it. Those who aren't interested shouldn't have to pay.

Lucien Piccioli Sun City Hilton Head