Letters to the Editor

Committee's actions hurt, don't help, orchestra

What is the "Save Our Orchestra Coordinating Committee" really, truly all about?

It can't be saving the Hilton Head Symphony Orchestra because its "coordinating committee" announced in its recent column to the Packet that it would withhold donations, subscriptions and volunteer services this year. Isn't this an odd way to save our orchestra, especially when in the same column the committee alludes to financial shortfalls in the orchestra's budget?

Of course, the committee maintains that it would never, ever encourage others to do the same thing, but it is quite clear to the average reader that this is indeed the intent of the column. If the Packet has a prize this year for the most disingenuous column, this piece is a prime candidate.

What this committee is all about, and has been about since its inception, is bullying and blackmailing the board into keeping the current orchestra director in her position. Its approach has been to try to smear the reputation of the board through innuendo, half-truths and falsehoods. An example is its bold statement that "Green was not terminated for professional or financial reasons." Does this committee expect the board to open its personnel file and take it public? I believe they know better.

In light of the fact that the board has received more than 200 applications for next year's orchestra director position, do these people truly think that only the current director can "save the orchestra"?

To this committee, I can only say what was said to another smear committee in the 1950s. At long last, have you no decency?

Vic ArringtonHilton Head Island