Letters to the Editor

If one life is saved, cameras are worth it

I have read the negative, slanted and uninformed commentary about Ridgeland's traffic cameras from readers and the Packet itself, including quotes from one of the most uninformed culprits of them all, state Sen. Larry Grooms.

The Packet asked why state Reps. Shannon Erickson, Bill Herbkersman and Andy Patrick would support the iTraffic program as no interstates pass through Beaufort County and Beaufort County has expressed no interest in the cameras. Excuse me, but at least these representatives did not take a blind position about the program. They actually came to the site and observed what really was taking place. This is what you call being responsible civil servants. This is why they were elected.

Grooms on the other hand has never been there and seems to have an uninformed idea of what might be happening in Ridgeland, and oh yes, that stretch of highway doesn't go through Charleston, either. If it is not OK for Erickson, Herbkersman and Patrick to be involved in a Jasper County issue, why is it OK for Grooms?

For those who argue the cameras have not made the road a safer stretch of highway, try convincing families of officers killed while making traffic stops on very busy highways like Interstate 95. If it saves one officer's life or stops just one person from killing himself or others, then what is the problem? So what if we don't have those statistics. It is just common sense. Grooms should come visit and then make an informed decision.

Sandy LeathBluffton