Letters to the Editor

IB program offers too much to lose it

South Carolina continues to lag behind the nation with respect to education.

However, right now Hilton Head Island is fortunate enough to be able to extend an opportunity for our children to secure an amazing education in the public school system. The International Baccalaureate program (now slated to be cut) offers a strenuous, global and consistent educational system for our children to excel. It ties the three-tier educational structure together (elementary, middle and high school) and is recognized by top universities.

We now have a system and teachers in place that encourage our bright children to keep learning and expanding their parameters beyond the age-old ways of basic memorization and the three "Rs."

To compete in today's rapidly changing world, individuals who have a global perspective and intercultural understanding likely will be better positioned to succeed and be productive agents in our country and world.

In our current IB program, students are pushing themselves and reaching for very high goals; how proud we should be. Yes, the IB diploma is not easy, but from what I have heard, even the children who do not obtain the IB diploma, but who commit to the program, graduate and are sought after by national colleges and universities.

We need this; it is important. Please help keep this opportunity available for our children.

Chris Sanders Hilton Head Island