Letters to the Editor

Conservation shouldn't mean higher utility rates

I recently received a utility bill, and included in it was instructions on how to conserve energy. It indicated that we should turn down our thermostats and walk around our houses bundled up in sweaters, jackets and mittens.

I realized that when we as good citizens attempt to conserve energy, the utility companies then run to the local or state commissions that control their charges. They cry that their profit margins are falling off, and because they are protected by law, they need to raise rates. The commissions say, "Why you poor thing, we will just allow you to increase your rates." It has reached the point that ordinary citizens no longer can afford to heat or cool their houses.

Why can't the commissions that control these rates simply say to the utility companies, "Why don't you attempt to control expenses better and maintain your profits with more efficiency?"

Ron CookBluffton