Letters to the Editor

Cameras all about money, despite mayor's protests

How gullible does the mayor of Ridgeland think people are?

He states the photo-ticket scenario is about safety versus money. There is a simple test to his theory. Let's ask the mayor to donate all of the town and private company video traffic money to the American Cancer Society.

I guarantee you that will not happen because the mayor knows this is all about thousands of tickets annually and the associated money Ridgeland and the private company will receive from these tickets. Certainly, this money eventually trickles into the salaries of public officials.

State Rep. Andy Patrick and other local officials are supporting the Ridgeland money train. If it works in Ridgeland, imagine the money that could be made as we drive over the Cross Island Parkway bridge at 41 mph. Many of us voted for Patrick because he ran on the premise of less government. We will not make that voting mistake again.

Tell these government lovers to stop before we have a video camera stuck up every one of our mufflers. What's next? An automated ticket for driving past the time your oil should be changed? Will the ticket money go to your hometown, the first town that detects that your oil life is at zero percent, Chrysler or the private company that stuck the camera up your muffler?

Wes BreinichHilton Head Island