Letters to the Editor

Good for Ridgeland for catching speeders

This is in response to the many letters against the traffic cameras on Interstate 95 in Ridgeland.

I find that most of the people who complain about something are usually the worst offenders. I drive up and down I-95 frequently and have never had a problem. When I saw the sign for the traffic cameras, like most reasonable people, I slowed down. When I saw in the paper how much revenue it was bringing in to Ridgeland, I was elated. Since most cities today are in financial jeopardy, this income, I'm sure, is much needed.

Many large cities have traffic cameras at intersections to catch people running red lights. I have never heard that much fuss about it. They are there, they have signs, if you choose to go through the red light you get a ticket. Period.

If people choose to break the law and speed through a marked, speed-enforced section of road, then they should not object to the consequences (a ticket).

I think most people who break these laws are selfish, careless individuals who have no concern for anyone but themselves. If these cameras can help make our roads a safer place to drive, then I think all cities should follow Ridgeland's lead and "camera up for the money." Just make sure it isn't your money.

Julie ClementBluffton