Letters to the Editor

Buying commerce park a waste of tax money

While it is true that I do not know all the facts surrounding the potential purchase of the Beaufort Commerce Park, I do think that if it is worth $2.5 million, it is the only piece of property in Beaufort County that is still worth what it was several years ago.

I also think that if a quasi public-private agency could not make this work, then a government entity alone has absolutely no chance. The people of Beaufort County have already lost money on this venture and are now set to lose an additional $2.5 million.

In order to bring well-paying jobs to Beaufort County, we must have a well-educated work force. Instead, we have expensive land.

We seem to be putting the cart before the horse in this case.

Kim Statler, Lowcountry Economic Network executive director, said they couldn't offer "free or discounted land" because it wasn't publicly owned. Well, duh. We have a perfectly good system to address this problem. It's called foreclosure. After that, let's see what the property is worth.

Perhaps a private individual will buy it and find a use for it. At this point, I believe we would simply be throwing good money after bad. I suggest that County Council stay out of what should be a private-enterprise endeavor.

Susan DicksonSt. Helena Island