Letters to the Editor

Greatest 'makeover' was within their hearts

I find it amazing the different reactions to the "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" project that was recently done in Beaufort.

Some try and find fault that there is a hidden political or commercial agenda. Still others say that the money should be equally distributed to the poor, despite the fact four homes are under construction in the Beaufort area for that very reason.

One distinguishing feature of our community is that many have always joined in to help those in need. I have seen people moved to tears of gratitude that a family with so many problems and hardships was so mercifully delivered.

According to the testimony of the mother in the new home, the greatest "extreme makeover" was done in their hearts, not simply in a new home. They along with many others have experienced the extravagant goodness of God. Good job, Beaufort.

Dudley Holmes Beaufort