Letters to the Editor

Balanced Town Council better suits community

It seems to me that one candidate is trying to buy the Hilton Head Island Ward 3 election by spending more than all of the other candidates combined. ("Ward 3 fundraising tops $35,000," Feb. 6.)

This is especially disturbing because many of his campaign donors are tied to the real estate industry. Their influence already dominates Hilton Head politics and is reflected in past policies relating to the island's development.

We need a more balanced Town Council, which will consider the wishes of retirees and other residents who want to see the status quo maintained. I don't like the fact that so much taxpayer money is spent on projects that mainly benefit the real estate and tourism industries.

Voters should look closely at the positions and experience of each candidate and pick the one who can best protect our lifestyle on this beautiful island.

John W. GarnettHilton Head Island