Letters to the Editor

No need to waste time on more airport debate

As reported in The Island Packet, Beaufort County Councilman Steve Baer has written a white paper on Hilton Head Island Airport.

Baer voted against the airport master plan, which was approved by majorities on both the county and town councils. My reading of the white paper is that Baer proposes doing the tree trimming that the Federal Aviation Administration requires for safety reasons and putting everything else on hold, including extending the runways to accommodate future commercial service.

After the county-owned hangars were completed, Baer insisted on a study of the rental rates. This resulted in delaying rental income for a year and resulted in no higher rent. This cost the taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars. Is Baer's white paper a call for more costly analysis paralysis?

After years of debate and study, our elected officials have agreed on a plan. Let's move on to the important unresolved issues facing Hilton Head and not waste time and money on more study and debate on the airport.

Gil WilliamsonHilton Head Island