Letters to the Editor

Baer, others have right to run for other offices

Steve Baer has been criticized for running for the Ward 3 seat on Hilton Head Island Town Council while serving on Beaufort County Council.

I have never thought about this before, but now that the subject has been brought up, I guess President Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain and a host of other senators should also be criticized since each ran for office with the intention of vacating their existing office.

For that matter, our new governor is also guilty since she was serving in the S.C. House of Representatives while running for governor.

And our new mayor ran for office with the intention of resigning his existing office which, of course, caused the very election in which Baer is now a candidate.

All of this is poppycock. We want experienced candidates. Experience is good. It is not bad. Criticizing Baer in this way is simply an inept attempt to turn his experience from an asset into a liability.

Baer may or may not be the best candidate. But it is an absolute fact that he is the most experienced candidate. Just as our new mayor was.

Ed Macho Hilton Head Island