Letters to the Editor

America already wasting too much in Middle East

A Beaufort Gazette article Jan. 31 stated the need to increase financial aid to Iraq. The report included information from U.S. observers and embassy staff.

Eight to 10 years of war between Iraq and Afghanistan, and Iraq is the "success story?" There is no control over any area or town in Afghanistan, yet our government admits to giving President Hamid Karzai suitcases of cash in an attempt to counter Iran's bags of cash. Upwards of a trillion dollars has been wasted.

It was trumped up propaganda by the Bush administration, bought by Congress and the American public, that got us here. Bush and his administration are out getting rich hawking their books when they should be in prison.

This is a good time to reflect on this issue if you worked your whole life and are now retired, or are working now and hope to retire as generations before you have done. Think about that trillion dollars as the current administration and Congress cuts your Medicare and Social Security benefits and sends the money over there. Think about the billions to care for the tens of thousands of wounded veterans for life.

Our forefathers fought a revolution and a civil war, costing hundreds of thousands of American lives, for our freedoms. If these countries want freedoms, let them man up and get it done.

Ronald PocketteBeaufort