Letters to the Editor

GOP will offer reforms when it's given chance

I became very upset after I read a Jan. 28 letter on health care reform.

The first statement was that Republicans have no meaningful replacement planned. Republicans offered many ideas during the health care bill debate. Remember "tort reform" like Texas passed several years ago? That has drastically brought down health care costs. How about allowing interstate purchasing of health insurance?

Republicans were completely shut out of amending any part of the bill. There has been no legislation this big -- not Social Security in 1935 and not Medicare in 1965 -- that has not had bipartisan support. A number of Republicans voted for both those measures.

The dollar amounts of the bill as estimated by the Congressional Budget Office are determined by the dollar figures the office is given. Their results are only as good as the numbers they are given.

Now that Republicans control the House, they will be developing ideas for a new health care plan. Republicans will likely gain control of the Senate in 2012. Twenty-three of the 30-something senators up for re-election are Democrats. After the 2010 election, things do not look too promising for Democrats to retain the majority. Maintaining control of the White House in 2012 also does not look good.

Lucian M. Dawson Sun City Hilton Head