Letters to the Editor

Camera revenue comes at expense of the region

Using speed cameras on Interstate 95 is a pure revenue move by Ridgeland and a detriment to the tourism industry of the Lowcountry.

Common sense says the cameras are not a deterrent to speeding on I-95 as those receiving the citations do not know they have been cited until weeks later when the mail arrives. Signs warning drivers about the cameras are easy to miss. Local residents know where the cameras are and slow down until they are past.

If the objective is to slow traffic, then a patrolling police cruiser would be much more effective, although it wouldn't raise the money Ridgeland seems to need. Someone must explain to me how the cameras deter a driver who does not know he has been ticketed or the local resident who knows where the cameras are. This is a pure revenue grab by Ridgeland.

The second and potentially more serious effect the cameras will have is on our tourism industry. The Lowcountry is trying to court tourists to come and visit. When organizations write about the speed traps in the South Carolina Lowcountry, think about what this will do to our reputation as a friendly place to visit. Instead of "you all come," it will be "you all come at your own risk."

Our region is trying to promote tourism, while Ridgeland is raising revenue that has a negative impact on the whole region.

It is time to consider the greater good, not just what a local town wants.

Charles F. Lenzinger Hilton Head Island