Letters to the Editor

Israel seeks but one concession -- peace

You published a letter Jan. 24 criticizing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for asking the United States to consider toughening our sanctions against Iran to stop Iran's nuclear weapons development and to ensure there is a military option in place.

As we know, the U.S. is considered "Big Satan" and Israel is considered "Little Satan" by Palestinians. Both these countries and several other Middle Eastern countries, including Saudi Arabia, are naturally alarmed at nuclear weapons in the hands of the Iranian government.

The chairman of our Joint Chiefs of Staff, Adm. Mike Mullen, said late last year that we have been thinking of military options for a significant period of time.

Your letter writer said the Israelis have provided no concessions to the Palestinians. Thirty years ago, Egypt made peace with Israel, and Israel gave the Sinai Peninsula to the Egyptians. When Israel abandoned Gaza and all surrounding settlements, was this also not a concession?

The result was that from 2006 to 2009, more than 7,600 rockets were hurled into Israel from Gaza and there was an increase in the suicide-bomb murders of Israeli civilians. In 2000 at Camp David, Israel offered Yasser Arafat the concessions the Palestinians requested (with the exception of the right to return), but Arafat left the meeting without negotiating and initiated the Second Intifada.

There is only one concession the Israelis want, and that's peace.

Charles L. RichmanFripp Island