Letters to the Editor

Program for youth could use more help

I recently had the pleasure of taking a tour of AMIkids Beaufort in Dale, formerly called the Beaufort Marine Institute. I must say, I was very impressed, but a little disappointed.

I was impressed by the outstanding job director James Rivers is doing. The young men there were very well mannered and polite. The site has a "family-oriented" feel and the staff is phenomenal.

What disappointed me was the lack of volunteers from our community. Because AMIkids is located near Beaufort, I was expecting to hear of local organizations, community groups or businesses that spend time there. That was not the case.

I'm sure the director would love to have support from the community. These boys are not criminals; they're our youth. They are the future of South Carolina. We all should be lined up at the doors offering our services. These young men need us.

It takes a village to raise a child.

Tamara Butler Beaufort