Letters to the Editor

Baer would waste time, money on airport vote

Many on Hilton Head Island are suffering from election fatigue, while Steve Baer appears to be making elections his hobby.

First he jumps into the Town Council race two weeks after running unopposed and winning the County Council seat. As a result, Ward 3 voters most likely will vote Feb. 15 and again in a run-off election two weeks later. Should he win that, there'd be another election for his council seat.

This is irksome enough, but now he's calling for a referendum vote on the airport.

Some facts:

In a joint session in October, the Town Council and Beaufort County Council approved the airport master plan. Baer, as a County Council member, cast his vote against it and lost.

Last year, more than 55 percent of Hilton Head's registered voters voted in the mayoral race. An overwhelming majority voted for four candidates (Drew Laughlin, Tom Crews, Jim Collett and Ed McCullough) who favored expansion of the airport runway. These gentlemen collectively garnered more than 70 percent of the votes. We don't need a referendum on the airport. We need to get going and implement what the majority of people want -- an extension of the runway to at least 5,000 feet.

Yes, many of us are tired of elections, but most of us are also tired of Baer using our time, money and patience in his never-ending quest against the Hilton Head Island Airport.

Ken WalkerHilton Head Island