Letters to the Editor

Where are the jobs businesses can create?

I am confused. Those on the right state that government cannot create jobs, only businesses can.

Although school teachers, police officers, firefighters and the people who ensure safe food and safe medications belie that, I'll accept the claim at face value.

The business community bemoans that the Obama administration is the least business-friendly (or most business-hostile) ever. But here is where I'm confused. In corporate America, the Great Recession is over. Evidence of that is that corporate profits are at their highest level. Our GDP is more improved relative to the GDP of other industrial countries, such as England, Japan and Germany. But the unemployment rate here is higher than in those countries.

So here's the disconnect. If only businesses can create jobs and corporations have the money to do so but decide instead to increase their salaries and their stock values, how is it that Obama is causing us to lose jobs? American workers are more productive and more efficient than ever and their reward for that is to see the income of the CEO increase and any new jobs go overseas.

It hasn't always been that way. The unraveling of the middle class in the U.S. started with the election of the ultimate hero of the right, Ronald Reagan. Look at disparity in wages between the highest earner and the average worker in 1980 and compare it with today. Reagan's policies produced wealth, but for the few, and at the expense of the many.

Peter C. RosatoHilton Head Island