Letters to the Editor

County expenditures raising many questions

I read in your paper that all Beaufort County Council members have received or will soon receive an iPad at the county's expense, in addition to the computers they previously received from the county.

I suppose the iPads are replacing the computers.

With the economic crunch the county is supposedly experiencing, is this really necessary?

Council members could be informed of anything they need to know via the computers, or heaven forbid, an old-fashioned phone call.

Additionally, a recent article in the Gazette reported the search for a transition staff for treasurer-elect Doug Henderson would cost $50,000 to $100,000. I voted for Henderson but certainly don't agree with a transition staff at that cost. It seems to me that any elected official would be unwise to even consider replacing current staff until he has actually had a chance to meet and work with them.

Additionally, aren't personnel files private? Why is Henderson allowed access to these files when he doesn't work for the county and is not yet serving as treasurer? The average citizen would not be allowed to do this.

County employees did not receive a cost-of-living raise last year, and county administrator Gary Kubic is trying to reduce costs by getting rid of employees. Wouldn't all this money be better spent giving raises to current, deserving employees and keeping good people on staff? Why can't these supposedly intelligent people see this and do the right thing?

Rose D. Reedy Beaufort