Letters to the Editor

Tucson shooting should prompt gun policy review

As the debate on gun control makes its way to the valley of death, a glimmer of hope appeared in an interview with Dick Cheney, our former vice president.

Cheney stated that in view of the tragedy in Tucson, it might be appropriate for Congress to consider limiting the number of bullets available in a single magazine for semi-automatic weapons. After that revelation, he most likely will become a former member of the National Rifle Association. As one approaches the end of one's life, the appreciation for other people's lives changes, I am sure.

Of course, you need to appreciate the position of the gun lobby. If they can get out of this public relations nightmare by giving up 30 bullets for 10 bullets and keeping their assault weapons, they will break out the champagne and sing "happy days are here again."

Maybe we all need to step back, and I mean everyone -- from the president down and from New York to Hawaii, from Alaska to Florida -- and look at our own position on gun control through the same lens. Think of Christine Taylor-Green and all the other innocent victims of our national gun policies. If that fails to produce a sane gun control policy, then let's have the members of Congress vote in open session -- with Christine's picture and her parents sitting in the halls of Congress -- to keep our present policies on gun control.

Charlie SinatraHilton Head Island