Letters to the Editor

Risks outweigh rewards on proposed port project

Your Jan. 25 editorial pondering various uncertainties involving the proposed post-Panamax superport on the Savannah River was spot-on.

Dredge the channel to Garden City, Ga., and expand facilities there, and risk more saltwater intrusion into the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge. Build it on the Jasper site at Field's Cut and kiss Daufuskie, a National Historic Landmark, goodbye. Build it either place and the dredging could threaten the Upper Floridan Aquifer. And has anybody commented on how far the dredging would have to extend seaward to reach the required depth? That's the 400-pound gorilla in the room nobody wants to acknowledge.

The ocean will continuously try to fill that ditch. And guess where the sand will come from. Hilton Head and Daufuskie islands' prized and very expensive beaches.

A third option immediately springs to mind. Build the cussed thing in New York Harbor, where the environment already has been ruined. And meanwhile, buy American.

Am I a patriot? Yes. A cultural partisan? Ditto. A hopeless romantic? Maybe not.

Roger PinckneyDaufuskie Island