Letters to the Editor

Fate of our country rests in voters' hands

If this country is to be saved, it won't be thanks to our politicians.

It will happen when we awaken from our complacency and express our outrage in no uncertain terms regarding what has been happening to our Republic. We must make it clear to our politicians that they are skating on very thin ice, and they will be losing their cushy jobs if they fail to do what the majority of us want.

Politicians are an arrogant, self-serving bunch of control freaks, for the most part, especially when they've been in office a long time.

But we need to remember that voters are ultimately in charge, and it is our responsibility to make sure our elected politicians don't trample our rights and abuse our Constitution. If the majority of us don't want our tax dollars spent to support National Public Radio, the Public Broadcasting System -- or whatever -- it is up to us to demand that our so-called "public servants" obey our orders to stop funding them, period.

Both parties may be in denial at this time, but there is a growing majority of people who have left party ranks and who are now part of the vast independent middle who vote for the candidate, not the party. A better educated, more informed and involved electorate that refuses to be blind sheep for either party is an empowered electorate that will gain a more honest, responsive, accountable government. It really is up to us.

Steve DicklerHilton Head Island