Letters to the Editor

Camera and radar bill will make roads safer

Kudos to state Rep. Shannon Erickson of Beaufort and her co-sponsors, including Rep. Bill Herbkersman of Bluffton, for introducing a bill to legitimize cameras and radar evidence in enforcing our speed limits.

Both these legislators did what their constituents expect -- they investigated the system and concluded this technology protects police officers, catches speeders and, in short, saves lives. The problem this addresses could tragically strike any one of us or our families. Speed kills.

Most of us have at one time or another been guilty of "pushing the envelope" on our highways and byways, and we all know that the possibility of getting caught is the No. 1 deterrent during these mindless moments.

So let's do what's necessary, as Shannon and Bill have so intelligently suggested, and give us all another reason to think twice.

George Johnston Dataw Island