Letters to the Editor

Israel is on front line in defending against Iran

This letter is in response to the Jan. 24 letter regarding Israel and the United States.

It is Israel that is on the front lines here, defending the entire Middle East against Iran's provocative race to obtain nuclear weapons. The United States under President Barack Obama has shown little to no leadership in confronting this problem. Obama has been nothing but an apologist, refusing to involve himself in any of the tough choices that are needed now.

Israel can handle the Iranian problem alone, but it needs the United States to support any move it makes to tackle the current nuclear problem, and so far, it has not received any assurances from the White House that it will back any plan to destroy Iranian nuclear sites.

It is Israel who has made many concessions in the search for peace, but each time they come to the table, the Palestinians come up with another excuse not to go forward.

Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, and it will always be. East Jerusalem is a part of the Israeli nation and as such has every right to build there.

Les NagelSun City Hilton Head