Letters to the Editor

Nuclear Iran threatens more than just Israel

A recent letter confirms that there is still a great deal of public misinformation.

The letter suggests that the risk of a nuclear-armed Iran is to Israel alone and that Israel is asking the U.S. to protect it, expending American lives and treasure in the process.

It is true the first, much-publicized Iranian target would be the Jewish state, but only in the same way that Europe's Jews were the first target of the Nazis in the 1930s. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's ambitions are as expansive as Hitler's and pose the same risks. The noose is already being tightened around the oil-rich Middle East, critical to U.S. interests. A nuclear Iran would be a game-changer, if not a game-ender.

While an American-led Western alliance would make sense in confronting the threat, Israel is prepared to take whatever defensive steps it must, alone if necessary, as it has in the past. Israel has never asked others to fight in its defense, only for help to give it the means to do so.

America is Israel's unique partner in an unparalleled military alliance. From strategic high level meetings where both countries discuss mutual threats, including Iran and terrorism, to intelligence sharing to state-of-the-art training in medical cooperation to high-tech combat cooperation in communications, unmanned warfare, information warfare and computer war games, America receives a return on its investment in Israel many times over, counted largely in American lives saved.

William Bilek Hilton Head Island