Letters to the Editor

Public deserves answers before industrial site buy

Before Beaufort County buys the Beaufort Commerce Park, a review of how the county got involved in the first place would help give a clear understanding of why we should or should not make this purchase.

My questions are:

  • Who owned this property before it was purchased by the Greater Beaufort-Hilton Head Economic Partnership, now the Lowcountry Economic Network?
  • Who are the principals of this public-private agency?
  • Why were there no buyers during the "best of times"?
  • How many years has this network been attempting to sell parcels?
  • What has been done to promote this property? Do the promoter(s) maintain their jobs when the county gains title?
  • To date, what has the county spent in this endeavor?
  • What makes total government involvement better?
  • To what degree will taxpayers be bailing out the network?
  • What makes this property worth the mortgage?
  • If appraised, who pays for it? Who appraises it?
  • This seems to be a perfect example of why government should not involve itself with private enterprise. It seems we are "robbing Peter to pay Paul" to afford this.

    According to Kim Statler, if the county owned the commercial park, it could sell lots at a loss. Why should taxpayers take a loss and not private enterprise? If the public purpose to recruit businesses failed in the past during strong economic times, what makes the county think it will not fail in the future? Why put good money after bad?

    James ScottOkatie