Letters to the Editor

Many more needs could have been met

I feel that I speak for many poor folks in this town when I chide the ridiculous spectacle and results of the recent "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" crew's work in Beaufort.

I'm sorry, but personally, I wasn't impressed nor sympathetic to their cause. I would guess that at least half the volunteers and spectators were there to get their mugs on television, or worse yet, to get their company names advertised.

How many single-wide trailers on St. Helena Island, and their elderly residents, could have received a modest makeover for the total amount of money the "Extreme Makeover" producers or the volunteer contractors poured into this one endeavor? I'd say about 50 homes could have been modestly made over for the cost of five college scholarships, a brand spankin' new 4,000-square-foot house with four bathrooms (?), dental work for the mother, seven sets of golf clubs, seven digital cameras, a week's vacation for six in Walt Disney World, new furniture and appliances, the cost of labor to demolish the old home, etc.

Unfortunately, the contractors and retailers would likely not have answered that cause, nor would spectators have lined up to watch a trailer get a new paint job, or new appliances, or the mold removed -- unless, of course, it was on TV.

Build it, put it on TV, and the sheeple and the media will come.

Mike JohnsonBeaufort