Letters to the Editor

Look closer to home for source of SC's woes

Our new governor blames Washington for all of South Carolina's woes.

If Gov. Nikki Haley were really interested in identifying the source of the state's budget problems, she might start by simply looking through the hundreds of tax exemptions and special privileges slipped into bills and passed by the legislature, where she served until recently.

To be honest, there are plenty of reasons to cast blame at Washington. Congress did destroy the Glass-Steagall regulations that prevented commercial banks from playing in the Wall Street casino with our money. And Congress did abolish long-standing restrictions on weapons of mass murder, but both those efforts and others like them were spearheaded by her fellow Republicans, destroying safeguards for our prosperity and health put in place by Democrats. Not much political capital for her to gain there.

Everybody can now pray that sanity and good judgment prevail in Columbia. Miracles do happen.

Robert G. Ghirardelli Hilton Head Island