Letters to the Editor

Only doing 'so much' very least we all can do

Regarding your Jan. 15 opinion, "School District can only do so much to close gap," I feel compelled to offer mine.

The school board has taken a giant step toward equity in Beaufort County education. While you may believe that "the era of segregation shrinks in our rear view mirror," defacto segregation is magnified in classrooms throughout the district. (Amazingly, your opinion appeared on Martin Luther King Jr.'s birth date.)

It is called homogeneous grouping (students of the same achievement level). Obviously, you agree with such groupings, given your citing "gifted" students as deserving of special resources.

Perhaps our views are different because of where we sit. I see a need for more diverse class settings, coupled with an aggressive program that would assist black males and their parents in addressing the historic deficits, some of which could be attributed to the current, more obscured segregated settings. The program also could help families learn how to navigate through the distractions presented by the culture of this era.

I commend the school board for this late, but brave effort, and I think it would help if you and others do the same. The spirit of your editorial seems to encourage maintaining the status quo. But I say "only do so much" could very well be enough if we all do our share to promote a more equitable school system.

Emory S. Campbell Hilton Head Island