Letters to the Editor

Officials fail to keep track of taxes paid

I guess it is that time again. My wife, Glenda, had the first problem in July 2009 with vehicle registration taxes. She was accused of not paying her taxes. She, of course, had the receipt showing that all the fees had been paid.

Last year, I did not receive a notice for my new registration so I went to the county office on Hilton Head Island and tried to pay my taxes. I was charged my tax fee, but not my registration fee, which required my wife to go into the office to pay that fee and then take a trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

This year, I received in the mail on Jan. 18 a notice that said I owed overdue taxes from last year for my registration fee, plus this year's taxes.

We have notified all of the offices involved. There was total confusion. They have no record of my taxes or registration fee being paid. I have been driving this car with legitimate tags and registration for one year.

It took a little while, but we have found all the receipts showing these fees were paid.

Is someone pocketing this money?

Scott K. WilliamsBluffton