Letters to the Editor

Genuine debate starts with facts, not opinion

I, along with millions of other Americans, want and need civil discourse in our political system. However, genuine, civil debate necessitates a basis in fact. You can't bring your own set of facts. Therefore, I must respond to a recent letter writer.

  • We lack an energy policy. Did this "lack" originate with President Barack Obama or was there an Energy Department before Obama?
  • The Energy Department spends billions of dollars. What is the factual total?
  • The department hasn't come up with one solution to stop our dependence on foreign oil. Opinion, not fact.
  • Electric cars are at least 20 years away. What are those vehicles sitting in showrooms? Or maybe they're not there because of a backlog of orders.
  • Solar power is cost prohibitive. Opinion; what's the factual basis?
  • No new nuclear plants. I think it takes more than two years to build a plant.
  • A not-in-my-backyard attitude about windmills. Drive through our country and you can see these majestic windmills perched by the dozens on hilltops.
  • Seniors will be starving. That's an exact example of the scare tactics we are trying to avoid.
  • One last point: How sick are you of hearing talking heads shouting above one another as they "civilly" discuss an issue while the "moderator" sits mum. Anyone who has ever been involved in a true debate knows that you must allow the opponent to state his case unfettered. The 24/7 news channels should institute a "let the person finish before you reply" requirement. Wouldn't that be novel but nice?

    Jim GroverHilton Head Island