Letters to the Editor

Why not distribute help among many?

I have a few comments to make about the "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" house that was recently built for a military family.

I am retired military and do not understand why these people were picked to receive this much attention. He is a staff sergeant, and while I do not know what his salary and housing allowance amounts to, I am sure that the family is not hurting like a lot of families are in this county. I am sure his wife is a working mother, so that is extra income.

To receive a new sport utility vehicle and college scholarships for his five kids is beyond imagination. They'll have to become eligible for admission, but most children have to prove through skills that they can earn a scholarship. But not these children. Most of us have paid for our children to complete college.

Why wasn't this kind of money distributed among five or six people who need help with heating and air conditioning, roof repair, plumbing, etc.?

I hope a few other concerned people have something to say about this. It is absurd. Was this political?

Robert WilliamsBeaufort