Letters to the Editor

Where's grief, outrage over deaths of soldiers?

Politicians get shot and President Barack Obama is cast as the hero.

Where is he when our soldiers are murdered? It's commendable that Obama found a map to Arizona for political gains after the horrible crime committed there. Illegal immigrants cross our borders and murder our law enforcement and residents. They also bring in drugs that destroy minds and lives, yet Obama can't find a map to our borders.

The president, members of Congress and the media have spent all day, every day covering this brutal attack on a judge and politician. When our servicemen and servicewomen are wounded, lose legs, arms and their lives, you don't see coverage of these deaths or the president visiting their families.

The shooting in Texas by a soldier mowing down our service people was dummied down because the soldier was Muslim. Where was the outrage from Americans, the president, politicians and the media? Perhaps there should be a bill to raise the status of service people to the importance of politicians.

Americans and politicians put their priorities in the wrong place. Our soldiers are the real heroes. We spend billions of dollars in foreign aid, yet we have a half-million citizens living in poverty. Why not split foreign aid in half and take care of our own? We have millions of Americans unemployed, and yet politicians use our money on earmarks. When politicians get to Washington, their interest is self-serving. Why are there so many silent voices in America?

Verna J. StevensHilton Head Island