Letters to the Editor

Status quo won't do for Hilton Head airport

Unfortunately, I feel I have to speak out again in defense of Hilton Head Island Airport expansion.

Letters continue to appear telling us that the airport has no value, that the trip to Savannah is a pleasure, that the airport only benefits a selfish few, that the Gullah culture will be destroyed and the money should be spent on a park or other vague projects. These writers are either uninformed or dreamers of a bygone day. A local airport is not a convenience; it is a necessity today and for future generations. It could disappear without modern expansion.

First, the trees are a threat that could cause a serious accident with loss of life; they must come down. If we have a plane crash and a friend dies, where will the huggers be then? Shouldn't we consider the local residents who wish to visit their families, the local businessmen, visitors who consider Hilton Head their second home, the vacationers, local businesses dependent on tourism, and all who have important connections off the island? Isn't it important to remember that Hilton Head will be here long after we are gone and the baby boomer population explosion hits.

I know some would like to keep the status quo, but keep in mind the issue is not trees, the Gullah culture, the church, or private plane owners, it's about the value of lots surrounding the airport. Don't sacrifice our future for today's profit.

Bob FaustHilton Head Island