Letters to the Editor

Efforts to stop trimming put airport users at risk

As reported in The Island Packet, St. James Baptist Church has filed a lawsuit in a legal maneuver to delay the trimming and cutting of trees in the aircraft approach flight path. I am sure that this is a matter of deep concern, not only to me, but also to the many other people who use Hilton Head Island Airport.

I have attended several of the town meetings about the future of the airport. I have listened to church members and their supporters. While I do not agree with them, I could respect them and appreciate their position regarding their place of worship.

If I interpret the lawsuit correctly, this is strictly about trimming the trees and not about future airport runway extensions, etc. This is where we part company.

In effect, they are saying that they do not care about the safety of the passengers and crews who use the airport. I can find no other explanation and no further acceptable reason to delay the trimming.

One might wonder if the money being spent on legal shenanigans might not find better uses within our community.

Stan Leavitt Hilton Head Island