Letters to the Editor

Past time to ban anachronistic leaf burning

The photograph of a couple burning leaves in Burton that appeared on the front page of the Monday Beaufort Gazette again brings up the question as to why outside burning cannot be banned.

It not only causes an obnoxious odor, but it is also unsafe for those who suffer from respiratory conditions and allergies. I would think Beaufort County could pass a law prohibiting this environmental hazard. Burning leaves should have gone out with high-button shoes, outhouses and all other archaic customs.

I live in an area that at times is so polluted by the bad air and odor from outside burning, I cannot be outside to enjoy the wonderful Lowcountry. I would urge those in a position to make laws to control burning in Burton to do so. It's time to come into the 21st century and recognize the time has come to ban this disgusting practice.

Alexia BaumPort Royal