Letters to the Editor

Mental illness to blame for Tuscon shooting

Many members of the political left have sunk to a new low in their attempts to focus blame for the Tucson, Ariz., tragedy on rhetoric from the right.

A noted exception is extreme liberal strategist Bob Beckel, who said, "This isn't about mere images or hot-headed political quotes or conservative talk radio or anything else in the heated but otherwise sane world of American politics. This is about a deranged mind. Trying to assign rational motives is a fool's errand."

Once again the left's foolishness is topped only by its hypocrisy. The examples of the rhetoric it condemned are very common to both parties, such as targeting a particular district. And these are metaphors; we cannot become so ridiculous as to ban the use of words that everyone understands in the context in which they are used. Political debate is an important part of our method of government.

As someone who was on the Virginia Tech campus on the morning of the massacre there, I believe we have to learn more about ways to identify these mentally ill people who may be dangerous to themselves or others and prevent them from carrying out such deeds. Many people at the university knew that student gunman Seung-Hui Cho was seriously disturbed, yet their hands were tied.

Lorraine HolubHilton Head Island