Letters to the Editor

Congress' actions show the need for term limits

The need for term limits for elected officials has never been greater.

No doubt, there are some who are trying to do the right thing and represent the people who elected them. Most, however, have proved to be self-serving sycophants, who are more concerned with their own accumulation of wealth and power.

The level of corruption is unimaginable, and the recent ethics hearings for Reps. Charles Rangel and Maxine Waters brought that into focus for me. When confronted about her apparent ethics violations, Waters appeared to be convinced she did no wrong. The same was true for Rangel. I believe both were indignant because what they were accused of paled in comparison to what their peers are doing.

The people of this country are not better served by career politicians. The longer they serve, the more beholden they become to special interests. That translates into less interest in the average citizen's needs.

Why would we want the Congress of the past decade to continue in light of its spending and complete fiscal irresponsibility? How many companies in the private sector would endorse a management team that increased the debt of the company by 40 percent in the past 24 months without any hope of ever paying back the money?

While Republicans took over the majority in the House of Representatives, the leadership in both parties stayed the same. And I think that's what we will continue to get -- more of the same -- until limits are imposed.

Kevin Baruth Bluffton