Letters to the Editor

Let's stop campaigning for just a few months

I think we can all agree that one major problem with our electoral system -- state and federal -- is that representatives with two-year terms in office are tempted to spend virtually all their time campaigning.

Just days into the General Assembly's term, our new representative, Andy Patrick of Hilton Head Island, has sent out a campaign-style e-mail "report" addressed, "Dear Hilton Head Island Voter." Would it be asking too much to be addressed as "constituent," at least for a few months?

More significantly, our newly minted representative has proposed, seemingly as his first act, a possible tax increase.

I know. The proposal will be dressed up as a "referendum" on the vast "economic benefits" that will accrue. That is, of course, the argument used for all taxpayer-funded bailouts. How does his proposal differ? And if all tax questions are to be decided by referendum, then why do we need state representatives?

Dean Dizikes Hilton Head Island