Letters to the Editor

Aim of NCAA ruling to help New Orleans

I feel an obligation to Packet readers to offer a counter to Ed Storin's predictably slanted Jan. 8 column on the BCS championship.

The NCAA ruled that five Ohio State players would be suspended for five games next season but could play in the Sugar Bowl. The NCAA weighed the suspension of five players against the bowl sponsors, advertisers, fans, television viewers, and most importantly, the city of New Orleans.

The hotels, restaurants, bars, taxi drivers and businesses in general would suffer from lost or reduced revenue from fans' cancellations. The NCAA decided in favor of the greater good by not limiting badly needed revenue to those in New Orleans still recovering from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. The opposing views are from those who take a cold and callous position on the plight of many businesses and residents. The obvious goal, unfortunately lost on Storin, was to support, not penalize, New Orleans.

As for the vitriolic attack on Jim Tressel, Ohio State and the Big Ten, one only has to consider the source. Regarding Tressel, he has more class than Storin can appreciate or comprehend.

Jim ChesneyBluffton