Letters to the Editor

Taxation, with no say, not a fair system for all

The story about the purchase of 28 used school buses and the editorial last week on overhauling the state's tax system should be of great concern to all, and certainly to residents with children in public school.

As a part-time homeowner, I find unacceptable paying local school operating taxes, while full-time residents largely avoid these taxes. Not only do I pay these taxes here, but I also pay them in Connecticut, where I do get the opportunity to vote on the issues.

We fought a war over taxation without representation, and it seems unlikely that this school tax would withstand a court fight. If I had the right to vote in school decisions, most certainly I would vote against purchasing 11-year-old buses to transport your children. The tax law needs to be revised quickly to allow residents to pay their fair share of the costs of schools and the education of Hilton Head Island's children.

Jack Young Hilton Head Island