Letters to the Editor

Obama's energy policies hurt America's future

We are the only civilized country in the world that doesn't have an energy policy. Our Energy Department spends billions of dollars each year and hasn't come up with one solution to stop our dependence on foreign oil. President Barack Obama has made promises about drilling for oil and solar, electric, nuclear and wind energy. After two years, are we any closer?

  • Electric cars. It will be at least 20 years before they become efficient and economically feasible.
  • Solar. It's cost-prohibitive to produce panels and install.
  • Nuclear. Have you heard of any plants being built?
  • Windmills. Not in my backyard, to paraphrase the late Sen. Ted Kennedy.
  • Drilling for oil. The administration has imposed a seven-year moratorium on new offshore drilling in the eastern Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic, as well as Alaska.
  • Obama refuses to expand the use of what we have in abundance â€" coal, natural gas and oil. He's worried China will surpass us in manufacturing solar panels and electric cars. He really should be worried about China finding oil 50 miles from Florida off the coast of Cuba.

    Seniors will be starving because they won't be able to afford basic staples due to escalating energy and food prices. With Obama's policies, such as cap and trade, and escalating oil prices, it's projected gasoline prices will be more than $5 a gallon, affecting all industries and resulting in costs of all commodities skyrocketing.

    Vince SgroiBluffton