Letters to the Editor

Find another way to pay for airport plans, theater

Two items are making the paper often.

First: The South Carolina Repertory Company's accommodations tax subsidy is unfair to other forms of entertainment. Do we subsidize movie theaters, night clubs or any other type of entertainment? No. Let the patrons of this mode of entertainment subsidize it.

Second: Expanding Hilton Head Island Airport. There's no way this island can justify any airport expansion. Take away the private plane owners and you have no argument. The rhetoric concerning the air carriers' decision to stop using this plane or that one, or the contention that flying is a main mode of travel for visitors, is ridiculous and without merit. The carriers can choose to stop service at any time, planes or not. The number of vacationers who use the airport is minimal because of additional costs and the need for connecting flights to one's destination.

Not one commercial airline has made a commitment to continue to use the airport in the future, whether the runway is extended or not. The traffic that would justify extending it doesn't exist. That's the reason for hiring consultants -- to try to justify that which cannot be justified. In these hard times, I'm sure there are more pressing issues for our hard-earned tax money.

If the Hilton Head Island-Bluffton Chamber of Commerce thinks the repertory company and the airport are important, let the chamber take half the absurd salary it pays its president and apply it to these organizations. That's about $75,000 each.

Lucien Piccioli Bluffton