Letters to the Editor

Washington pols silent on finding real solutions

Let the partisan politics begin. The Republicans are planning to ditch the entire health care reform package enacted last year.

But we've yet to hear any ideas that will replace the package with something meaningful, equitable, workable or sustainable. How about tort reform, so we can get some real cost out of the system? Eerie silence.

We'll have true health care reform when Congress is forced to participate in the system in the same way as the rest of us. By simply ditching the entire health care law, Congress also would ditch those parts of the bill that provide protection to the uninsured, who cannot get their own health insurance, a challenge that no federal employee needs to worry about.

Until then, we'll keep singing the same old song with new partisan verses. Well, at least we have immigration reform. Hello ... Washington? Eerie silence.

Bob LeeHilton Head Island