Letters to the Editor

New trash system kicks free market to the curb

On Jan. 3, at the start of a brand-new year, after-holiday trash was to be picked up.

On Jan. 6, the trash was still there.

I called my service provider and was told they were no longer allowed on Hilton Head Island for residential pick-up. Straight to the town I went for an answer.

Here's the answer I got: Call Republic Waste. But that company is not my provider, so why can't my provider pick up my trash? "If you want a solution to your problem, call Republic."

So much for the easier, gentler town that the election promised.

Here's the shortened version of my conversation with Republic: You get a pick-up of two 30-gallon cans of trash a week and one 30-gallon can for recyclables, if you want to use it, for the base price.

I asked what happens if more than two cans of trash are generated in a week? The answer: They would only pick up two and leave everything else.

In five-and-a-half years of using my provider, nothing was ever left in my service yard on a pick-up day, and in return, I paid them on time. Free market enterprise at its best.

Since single-family homeowners have been singled out as guinea pigs for the town's new "ducks-in-a-barrel" discriminatory experiment in the trash business, for the sole purpose of a "green" slogan on its web site, I'm just glad I have friends with pick-up trucks.

Allen BaylessHilton Head Island