Letters to the Editor

Youth conference gives hope for a better future

To add to a recent letter on how to start the new year by being a better person and seeking morals, I would like to add a positive note.

Jan. 1-4, 22,000 18- to 25-year-olds attended the "Passion" conference in Atlanta. They were from all over the United States, including individuals from Beaufort County, as well as Europe, Asia and many other countries. At the conference, many speakers talked about morals, putting others before yourself, looking to the future and not living for the moment.

There were concerts by Christian bands and many ways those attending could reach out to others. The young adults contributed more than $1 million for outreach projects, such as building houses in Haiti and wells for clean water in poverty-ridden countries and life-changing surgeries for children. They also provided thousands of socks and towels for the homeless in the Atlanta area.

The news always seems to report the bad and unfortunate things happening in the world today, but please take note that there is a huge movement by this generation of young people, who are paving the way for a brighter future. Let us all get on the wave and make a change.

I, too, "resolve to seek the truth, to pray and to spread the good news." That is what these 22,000 young adults and many others are doing. Join in.

Janet MacDonaldHilton Head Island