Letters to the Editor

Columnist off mark on ROTC programs

It was disturbing to read the column by a self-proclaimed teacher, Colman McCarthy, admiring the Taliban in the same vein as our American armed forces.

Does he thus praise the Sept. 11, 2001, suicide mission by Taliban-trained terrorists, which took the lives of thousands who had no opportunity to defend themselves in this great free America?

His sarcasm about the former president of Notre Dame relating to student ROTC graduates bringing a sense of religion in service to their country is contradictory to his main issue: peace on Earth.

All military members take an oath that states, "I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States ... ," an obligation and mission to assure free speech and religious beliefs. Taliban-ruled Afghanistan denied the rights of women and education and fostered cruel treatment to anyone who did not abide by their beliefs.

The writer needs a better theme to try and denigrate the very workable college ROTC programs.

Al Doublet Bluffton