Letters to the Editor

Don't let South Carolina become the next Arizona

With the inauguration of our new governor Wednesday, I hope that South Carolina won't become like Arizona.

Numerous mentions by Gov.-elect Nikki Haley during her campaign speeches implied support of a bill regarding immigration reform that would duplicate the one signed by Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer.

I believe this issue should not be a priority as Haley starts her term.

South Carolina first should focus on the challenge of creating jobs and attracting businesses to our state. (The November unemployment rate in South Carolina was 10.6 percent, the sixth highest in the country.)

Another priority for Haley should be to focus on budget cuts and balancing the state budget. Arizona's legislature voted in March 2010 for budget cuts that denied organ transplants to about 100 people who already had been approved for them. The cutbacks, which took effect last October, affected patients covered by the Arizona's Medicaid agency.

Don't let South Carolina become the next Arizona. We need to avoid the "morally wrong" decision-making process. We need to focus on what's right for our state and stop the political rhetoric of bigotry and intolerance that might beget some heinous acts like the one we witnessed this past weekend in Tucson.

Joel MalletBeaufort