Letters to the Editor

Orchestra board fails in duty to supporters

I admire anyone who serves on boards, committees, etc., and that includes the board of the Hilton Head Island Symphony Orchestra.

However, with their service comes the responsibility to inform those who are donors, subscribers and general ticket buyers for concert presentations.

A few simple questions were asked of the board members, but no answers were forthcoming. Asked why they were firing Mary Woodmansee Green, they replied that her contract was expiring, and they were not, somehow, discharging her.

The closest they have come to any answer is: "We're moving in a new direction." OK, please advise exactly what "direction"? Apparently, the board has not yet come to grips with that.

A just person can justify his or her actions with logical, clear responses; an unjust person depends on obfuscation and meaningless "new direction" generalities that come into their minds.

The board has chosen to ignore the 600 signatures on the petition presented to it and has chosen to ignore the standing ovation Green received while approaching the podium on the first two concerts. Combined, these two items should have sent a message of pervasive unhappiness with the board's action, but they went unnoticed under the board's continuing veil of secrecy.

I have appreciated and loved classical music all of my life, but I love justice more.

My only option is to cease my modest donation and attendance after Maestra Green leaves.

Thank you, Maestra Green, for many wonderful evenings of great musical experiences.

Robert McEwan Hilton Head Island